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Supplying Energy Monitoring Systems since 1988 to help companies large & small better understand and control their energy use.
From simple electricity meters & portable energy loggers to fully capable smart metering and energy management systems, companies of any size and any budget can gain a better insight into their energy use, increase energy efficiency and limit energy costs.

AtlasEVO Smart Metering & Energy Management Systems

The AtlasEVO Energy Management System is a permanently installed, ongoing solution that can provide reliable and detailed analysis of a site’s energy use.
Electricity, water, gas and many other resources can be logged with comprehensive features including:

  • Automatic collection of 30/15 minute consumption data from any number of metering points.
  • Live graph & dashboard displays show up to the minute information.
  • Modular system allows easy upgrade of software capabilities.
  • Automated production of consumption, demand & cost reports

Portable Energy Loggers

The Profile Portable Energy Recorder & Cesinel Power Quality Analysers allow detailed analysis of the energy use and power quality on any electrical circuit.

Where permanent installation of a meter is not practical or cost effective, these units allow temporary surveys to be completed and are available to purchase or hire.

Smappee Energy Monitoring System

As a Smappee Partner, we are proud to supply the Smappee Infinity Energy Monitoring System.

Smappee Infinity is the smart energy management system. It collects real-time energy use data as well as historic consumption figures to provide detailed information on the connected circuits.

The collected data is automatically uploaded to the Smappee Cloud and can be viewed at any time, from anywhere via the Smappee app and online dashboard.
Single and three-phase circuits can be monitored, as can gas and water use to provide a total overview of site resource use.

ATLAS Demand Control System

The ATLAS Demand Control system utilises 8 ‘load shedding’ relays to limit your site’s period demand to a preset limit.
Working on a predictive basis the ATLAS Load Control Logger sheds the loads attached to these relays according to pre-configured parameters if the period demand is predicted to rise above the preset target.
The system software allows remote configuration of the demand control parameters and displays live load, predicted demand and period demand information.

Enhanced versions providing present load and tailored control patterns are available to match specific client requirements.

3 Phase Plug-in, In-Line Electricity Meter

Want to monitor the energy used by 3 phase, plug-in equipment (e.g. exhibition stands, event trailers, refrigeration/catering units)?

This plug-in, in-line electricity meter is simple to install and use with units available in 16A, 32A or 63A versions, all supplied with with IP55 rated enclosures and connectors.

Metering capabilities can vary from a simple register counting up the kWhs used to multi-function options such as phase voltage, instantaneous Watts & Amps, frequency and dual tariff readings.

Simple & smart electricity meters and other utility metering will also be on show on stand A5.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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