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Flow&Ebb Limited

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ENERGY HEDGING, MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING. We focus on reducing cost, carbon and risk for our large household name clients who need a tailored, more intelligent approach than most energy brokers provide – such as Morrisons, M&S, South West Water and Hilton Hotels. We help them to reduce their exposures to volatile energy markets, achieve significant savings and accelerate the shift to net zero.

We do this by enabling you to make smarter decisions. We bring knowledge and pace. We use advanced hedging techniques. And we get you to the right solutions, avoiding the mistakes of others.

Our service lines:

  • Energy price risk management (i.e. advanced hedging)
  • Energy consulting – we often take on highly complex briefs
  • Net zero programmes
  • Fully operational renewable technologies
  • Procurement
  • Opportunity assessments

Exhibitor details

20 St Thomas Street LondonUK,SE1 9RS https://flowandebb.com/

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