Diligent Boardbooks ESG

Diligent Boardbooks ESG

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Connect Risk, Compliance, Audit & ESG for Stronger Governance

After two decades helping boards and c-suites build strong governance practices with our market-leading board application, we are expanding our solutions to help companies connect insights from their risk, compliance and audit teams to their leaders, facilitating more purpose-driven leadership.

Good governance is more than a boardroom practice. It’s an organization-wide mandate. In an always-on world, leaders need accurate information from across the organization to address challenges such as increased competition, a distributed workforce and a complex regulatory environment. Diligent’s innovative modern governance platform empowers directors, executives, general counsels and risk officers to stay connected, informed and prepared for what’s next. Stay ahead with modern governance.

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1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square, LondonUK,WC2N 5BW https://www.diligent.com/

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