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Bespoke Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Who are we?

Datore is a team of passionate experts in Business Intelligence and Analytics that give clients a bespoke analytical overview of their energy consumption, production, and reconciliation.

What do we do?

Our mission is to guide businesses on their journey to become carbon neutral and reduce unnecessary expensive gas, water, and electricity bills.

Using your existing systems and industry-leading technologies we provide visual analytics and AI solutions that allow you to optimise your energy usage and sustainability performance to reveal areas of potential improvement.

In addition, we combine multiple data sources to improve your compulsory SECR reporting and reduce the need for end-of-year consolidation and consultancy.

Hassle-Free Service

Our hassle-free service guarantees savings on energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and simplified sustainability reporting (SECR).

Hassle-free means it’s all on us!

We install equipment if needed, or we don’t if it isn’t. We produce bespoke visualisations to your requirements and maturity. Our solutions then point out where exactly you can make savings on time, on money, and on carbon!

Don’t Wander in the Dark!

Talk to us to help shine a light on your energy, carbon, and reporting requirements, so that you can make informed decisions.

We even have a supplier SECR database so you can get a head start on your Scope 3 emission reporting!

Why not come and say hello and let us plant a tree in your name!

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