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ACT Commodities B.V.

Stand: G15
  • | Carbon Neutral and Net Zero
  • | Carbon off-setting
  • | Industrial Decarbonisation
  • | Renewable Energy Solutions
  • | Wind Power

ACT helps organizations achieve their climate action goals, no matter how ambitious. Since its founding in 2009, they have become a reliable partner for high-impact climate projects that generate carbon credits, energy efficiency projects and certificates, and experts in renewable electricity and gas markets, renewable fuels, and emission allowances. ACT’s Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Singapore teams deliver tailor-made solutions backed by extensive market knowledge. Since the beginning of the energy transition, they have been early adopters, constantly finding new products and participating in new markets. In shaping environmental markets, ACT enables organizations to pursue sustainable futures. 


Atrium building, 8th floor
Strawinskylaan 3127
1077 ZX
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  • We can design and develop an original high-impact climate project for your organization to advance meaningful, sustainable development and secure its long-term carbon credit supply.
  • Our R&D team stays current on global trends, policies, and technological advancements, which enables us to provide your organization with innovative sustainability solutions, new decarbonization oppor ...
  • We can meet your organization's unique renewable energy sourcing and volume requirements on a global scale. Our local market experts can help your organization hit its renewable energy targets while m ...
  • We've been active in environmental markets for over fourteen years and have gained a comprehensive understanding of global environmental markets. We can help your organization navigate these complex a ...
  • Decarbonizing Your Organization is a Continuous and Cyclical Five-Step Process Although your organization will have a unique decarbonization journey, every organization must take the same basic steps ...


  • Making a lasting impact

    ACT Commodities


  • The acquisition enables ACT to provide end-to-end support to its clients on their climate journey.
  • Gain practical, market-based solutions for cutting your supply chain emissions in the near term by contacting:
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