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NEOS Electric Radiator

Trust Electric Heating Stand: G68

Here at Trust, we created the only Multi Award-Winning, Patented Electric Radiator that is Made in Britain, engineered to keep you warm without the high energy bills! The NEOS is a reliable heating system that will allow you to maintain the optimum temperature in every room, all year long, in the most efficient way possible.

- 100% recyclable 
- Modular design - never have to pay for another unit ever again 
- Soapstone (volcanic) core - lead to a 59.4% reduction in heating bills 
- Made in Britain
-Lengthy 25-year guarantee 
- Only 6.5cm in depth

The NEOS is a recyclable and sustainable product with a lengthy guarantee and modular design -supporting the circular economy and planetary health.

The NEOS range comes in 2 designs and 3 different ranges - standard, junior or vertical.


Additionally, the NEOS is slimmer than any other heater on the market, being only 6.5cm in depth, straying away from that bulky look!


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