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22 Aug 2023

LoraWan Metering Solution

Elcomponent Stand: C1

Elcomponent’ s vast practical monitoring experience, has proven essential for the development and launch of the Lora-Sense proposition. This new wireless solution is ideally suited for remote machine monitoring where physical challenges and traditional cabling constraints makes these project difficult and costly.

Essentially, the system monitors true power (kWh) with voltage, current, power factor, kW, KVA and kVArh. Using LoraWan compatible energy sensors. The wireless gateways route messages to the web analytics platform.

Currently the Lora-Sense proposition is aimed specifically for small and large industrial clients who need to monitor production equipment for energy management, product carbon reporting and product costing. However, future developments will include heat, cooling, AQ, and other parameters.

Elcomponent provides fully installed and commissioned systems. 


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