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Flexbar - Stylish, Slimline Luminaire for Modern Working Environments

Thorlux Lighting Stand: B20

The Flex family of Thorlux luminaires continues to grow with the introduction of Flexbar.

Flexbar is an elegant surface-mounted, suspended or recessed linear luminaire ideal for a wide range of applications. The high-performance lens technology provides well-controlled low-glare lighting for optimum user comfort.

The small and slim design of Flexbar allows it to blend into the background whilst incorporating all the features required for a complete lighting solution, including integral lighting controls and emergency lighting.

Individual and continuous versions along with corner joints allow lighting designers to be creative with their lighting layouts. Supreme efficiency (160.5 LL/cW) and 100,000-hour life ensure Flexbar has the performance to match its elegance.

Ideal for offices, teaching spaces, meeting rooms, reception areas and retail.


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