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29 May 2024

SylSmart Energy

Sylvania Lighting Stand: A40
SylSmart Energy
SylSmart Energy
SylSmart Energy, our next step toward Net Zero

SylSmart Energy – Powering your drive to net zero
SylSmart Energy is an advanced energy analytics platform helping users identify the gap between their current carbon emissions compared to their targets. It enables users to identify costs, create energy saving strategies, visualise and monitor data, and maximise decarbonisation in the long term. 
Whether your business requires high granularity of energy data to formulate your carbon reduction strategies or a general overview of the energy consumption of your business, SylSmart Energy can support you through all the different requirements. Use the energy collection method that fits your business best: 
gain data from monitoring individual circuits with connected auditors; gather data from your energy service 
providers by automated data collection; or upload your historic energy data through manual input.

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