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26 Oct 2023

Scottish low carbon tech innovator signs distribution agreement with Mattei to accelerate market penetration of PRISMA Liquid Air Battery technology

Innovatium Group Stand: E16
Scottish low carbon tech innovator signs distribution agreement with Mattei to accelerate market penetration of PRISMA Liquid Air Battery technology
L-R: Giulio Contaldi Owner and CEO at Mattei, and Simon Branch CEO at Innovatium.
Initially focused on opening up channels to Mattei’s existing customers in the UK and Italy, the partnership will leverage new opportunities for PRISMA through Mattei’s global distribution channels.

PRISMA Liquid Air Battery technology is multi-awarding winning technology designed to support intensive energy users with the challenges associated with industrial decarbonisation, energy security and energy resilience. It stores energy in liquid air form to provide compressed air, allowing inefficient partially loaded, variable-demand compressors to be turned off and opens up a demand response opportunity that has been hitherto unavailable. Data shows that PRISMA can deliver up to 30% energy savings as well as hours of back-up compressed air storage.

“Mutually valuable relationship”

The distribution agreement marks a natural progression in an evolving and mutually valuable relationship between the two companies. Mattei has long-supported Innovatium through the provision of its market-leading compressors, as well as providing support throughout the development of PRISMA. Giulio Contaldi the owner and CEO Mattei Group, recently joined Innovatium’s board as a Non-Executive Director.

Through access to PRISMA, Mattei’s customers will now have an opportunity to make significant improvements to their energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy bills and accelerating efforts to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero as part of their ESG goals. Significantly, the magnitude of this step-change in industrial decarbonisation is not available through existing compressor products.

The agreement also benefits Innovatium’s customers. Moving forward, they will have a similar opportunity to access Mattei’s industry leading compressor products and service network.

“Perfectly timed relationship”

“Our relationship with Mattei and its team has always been an important one,” says Simon Branch CEO at Innovatium. “This agreement takes things to a new level. It offers benefits to both parties as well as our customer base and wider networks. The timing is perfect; right now, Innovatium is at a ‘beach head’ where we are pushing our offer out into the market. This partnership will help us to do that at greater pace, and scale.

“It is also timely in terms of the market conditions; there has never been a greater focus on reducing the cost of energy, delivering energy security (increased renewable penetration through storage) and reducing industrial carbon emissions. We look forward to working together to deliver solutions to these challenges.”

“We are delighted to cement our working relationship with Innovatium through this distribution agreement,” says Giulio Contaldi Owner and CEO at Mattei. “We see this as an opportunity to take a genuinely unique and disruptive product to our existing client base to support firms on their decarbonisation journeys. PRISMA offers our customers something completely new as they transition to Net Zero; it offers a new solution to the long-standing problem of how to reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint associated with compressed air generation in industrial settings.

Innovatium says its distribution agreement with Mattei is the latest stage in a raft of commercial announcements and strategic partnerships it expects to confirm over the next 6 months.


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