Energy Efficient Glazing

Guide to energy efficient glazing

The Energy Managers’ Guide to Energy Efficient Glazing provides some basic information on the glazing within buildings; explaining the key features to understand and what can be done if the glazing is not working for you.

Where to start – some questions to ask yourself :

Do you know what the glazing within your building is and how it operates?
Does the glazing work for your business and members of staff? If not why not?
Do you understand about the safety requirements of the glazing in your building?

Glazing Technology – Background

The external envelope to your building (roof, walls, windows, doors and floor) provide an essential function to keep the weather out of the building and to maintain a comfortable environment for the occupants. If the envelope has a good thermal efficiency this will mean the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the building will be reduced. This will provide cost savings to the occupants as well as reducing the impact on the environment and the amount of C02 produced, which improves your green footprint.

External glazing provides a unique function to the envelope to your building – good glazing can provide a fantastic environment for the users of the building – ensuring it is a comfortable environment (not too hot or too cold) and has natural lighting (for better health and wellbeing of occupants).

Download the guide here

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