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In partnership with IEMA, this theatre is your unique opportunity to learn about effective techniques and opportunities for change from leading professionals creating our low carbon sustainable future.  Explore a range of common challenges, work themes, opportunities visions and strategies, from company reporting to climate change adaptation.


Hannah Phang Huterra
Advocacy Manager
Greg Chant Hall
Carbon Free Group
Nick Molho Alderstgate Group
Executive Director
Aldersgate Group
Jason Light
Strategy Lead - Environment
Eastleigh Borough Council


Wednesday 27th November 2019

10:30 -  11:15

Communicating Climate Change

Leading case study on embedding Climate change into communications. Leading practice in how to communicate climate change in a way that is accessible and relatable to mainstream audiences

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Hannah Phang HuterraHannah Phang Advocacy Manager
Richard Smith BBCRichard Smith Sustainability Manager
11:30 -  12:15

Climate Change Adaptation – New International Standard ISO14090 and an ISO/ BSi adaptation and resilience standards update

ISO 14090 launched in 2019, developed with wide international consensus and as a UK-led global standard. The UK national expert attending the meetings, will talk us through what’s inside ISO 14090 and how ISO 14090 can be used by organisations to create a resilient business now and into the future. We will also in this session hear about related standards […]

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Doogie BlackDoogie Black Director
Climate Sense
Lesley WilsonLesley Wilson Lead Programme Manager
13:45 -  14:30

Future trends and challenges in Cooling

Cooling is central to health, prosperity and recreation, however most cooling is currently energy intensive and uses highly polluting F-gases. As the population continues to boom, the planet warms and incomes rise, the demand for cooling is ever-increasing. In this session, we’ll hear from leading experts on the growing challenge and the solutions both globally and here in the UK.

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Dan Hamza-GoodacreDan Hamza-Goodacre, FIEMA Executive Director, K-CEP
ClimateWorks Foundation
Professor toby petersProf Toby Peters Professor in Cold Economy
University of Birmingham
13:00 -  13:30

The case for zero carbon / or achieving zero carbon

What does being a zero-carbon business actually look like and what are the drivers and challenges businesses are likely to face on the road to achieving a zero-carbon status? This session will talk about the standards and accreditations that can be achieved and how organisations can develop a roadmap for their transition to carbon neutrality.

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Richard Sulley EngieRichard Sulley Senior Energy & Sustainability Manager
14:45 -  15:30
Matthew BranderDr Matthew Brander Senior Lecturer in Carbon Accounting
University of Edinburgh
Kirin Patel DHL Supply ChainKirit Patel Environment Manager
DHL Supply Chain – Mainland Europe, Middle-East & Africa
Lucy CandlinLucy Candlin Carbon Accounting
University of Edinburgh
15:45 -  16:30

Sustainable finance – key developments in this field. New guidance from IEMA and new developing British Standards

What do we as professionals need to know? This session will provide an introduction to this increasingly relevant and important topic. Greg Chant Hall will provide an overview of Sustainable finance, as an introduction on some of the most important terms and concepts. Paul Pritchard will provide perspectives on key developments underway including new standards and related developments such as […]

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Greg Chant HallGreg Chant-Hall, FIEMA COO
Carbon Free Group

Thursday 28th November 2019

11:30 -  12:15

Your Emergency Briefing – Declaring a Climate Emergency and driving transformative change

We are living in a period of unprecedented climate concern, with many organisations declaring Climate Emergencies. What do these mean in practice and how can we as professionals use this concept either directly or to supportively engage. This session will hear from leading professionals and their experience and the case study use of declarations for an NHS Foundation Trust, a […]

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James Dixon Head of Sustainability at The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustJames Dixon Head of Sustainability
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Jason LightJason Light Strategy Lead - Environment
Eastleigh Borough Council
13:00 -  13:30

The road to Carbon Zero – A customer journey

With pressure mounting on organisations to make the transition to zero carbon, Wakefield Council has declared a climate emergency and is working with energy and services group, ENGIE, to achieve its target of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030. This session will discuss ENGIE and the Council’s journey on the road to carbon neutrality and the approach taken to meet […]

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Graham Oxley ENGIEGraham Oxley Managing Director of Energy with Services
kevin FisherKevin Fisher Service Manager
Wakefield Council
14:00 -  14:45
Martin BaxterMartin Baxter Chief Policy Advisor
Nick Molho Alderstgate GroupNick Molho Executive Director
Aldersgate Group
Simon EvansSimon Evans Deputy Editor and Policy Editor
Carbon Brief
14:45 -  15:45
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
Nick Molho Alderstgate GroupNick Molho Executive Director
Aldersgate Group
Simon Bimpson Managing Director ArcadisSimon Bimpson Managing Director - Water, Energy and Utilities

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