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Renewable technologies  | Energy Storage | Simplified taxes | Security of Supply

This theatre explores the challenges of balancing energy demand with supply while reducing costs and meeting carbon emessions targets. Grid modernisation is required to meet energy supply while disruptive technologies are empowering users to monitor and manage demand.

Speakers included:

A Mardapittas
Chief Executive Officer
James Kirkwood
Energy Projects Officer
Nottingham City Council
Tom Coates
Project Manager
West Sussex County Council
Ashley Philips - Orsted
Sales and Marketing Director


Wednesday 21st November 2018

10:30 -  11:00

How Realistic is it to Expect Energy Security in a Historic Estate

“Energy security, the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price” (IEA 2018). The International Energy Agency’s detailed definition of energy security is through two different concepts. The first of these is the long-term security through strategic investment at a national and network level. The second is through the short-term ability of energy systems to react to sudden changes […]

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Gillian BrownGillian Brown Energy Manager
University of Glasgow
11:10 -  11:50

Water and Energy Auditing Techniques – practical examples

Auditing is a valuable skill set to enable the identification of how electricity, gas and water is used within buildings and to allow the identification of opportunities to reduce use in a sustainable manner. This session focuses on some basic auditing techniques that can be used in most buildings and processes for electricity, gas and water use and offer attendees […]

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Mark TaylorMark Taylor Energy and Carbon Consultant
Taylor Made Energy Solutions Ltd
12:00 -  12:30

Sustainability as a Point of Competitive Advantage

The presentation will focus on the demands businesses face from climate change report, decarbonisation targets and RE100, as well as, drawing upon new research released this year about end consumers perspective and their demands when purchasing products.

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Ashley Philips - OrstedAshley Phillips Sales and Marketing Director
12:40 -  13:10

Islington Council’s Groundbreaking Heat Network Project

The Islington Council launched its first heat network in 2012. Since then the Council has been exploring ways to grow the network and reach more residents with their heat networks. In 2015 Islington started working on a first-of-its-kind project that will take low grade heat from a vent shaft of London’s Underground network and will use it for supplying affordable […]

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RodrigoRodrigo Matabuena Energy Capital Projects Manager
Islington Council
13:20 -  14:00

Untangling the Complexity of On-site Electricity Generation

On-site generation of electricity can be a good way of reducing grid consumption but there are a number of issues common to all technologies when considering installation processes such as the sizing of the generation, suitability for implementation, how and where they are connected into a building’s systems and the grid connection requirements which can all be complex and different […]

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Mark TaylorMark Taylor Energy and Carbon Consultant
Taylor Made Energy Solutions Ltd
14:10 -  14:50

The Battery Storage Revolution

This session helps you understand the direction the market is taking and how you should plan your future battery policy. Batteries are the hot topic of the moment, but so far few are being installed and commissioned at scale across the sector. This is not only a technology issue but a finance problem as at present it is often difficult […]

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john lucasJohn Lucas Market Architect Team Leader
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
Timothy HughesDr Timothy Hughes Global Principal Scientist: Batteries
Siemens plc
15:00 -  15:30

Collaboration is Key – Rolls Royce Attaining Energy and Sustainability Goals Across the Supply Chain

Corporate energy and sustainability programs today are about a huge transformation to a low-carbon economy. Companies that succeed in these change processes often have an intentional effort to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration, including processes that empower teams across many geographies and business units/brands and collaborative relationships with various external bodies across the supply chain. Rolls-Royce shares details of its journey […]

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Anthony HatfieldAnthony Hatfield Senior Energy Manager
Rolls-Royce plc
Paul Whighton - SchneiderPaul Wrighton Director, North West Europe & Nordics
Schneider Electric, Energy & Sustainability Services
15:40 -  16:10

The Importance of Energy Storage in Securing the Supply and Maximising Renewables

Concerns over the stability of the grid’s supply continue to rise as we move towards a decarbonised future under increasing Governmental pressures and ambitious targets. This includes a magnified importance on renewable generation, which is variable in nature and is being connected to the UK’s energy mix at a quickening pace. The session provides information on the benefits of energy storage technology and the practical applications for businesses of all sizes as […]

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A MardapittasDr Alex Mardapittas Chief Executive Officer

Thursday 22nd November 2018

10:30 -  11:00

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – How Will it Impact Energy?

Ivan Kristian Pedersen will discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how this is a period during which technology, science, engineering and innovation all develop at an exponential rate. He will discuss what this means for the energy sector, businesses and how the Energy Manager’s role is evolving to keep up with this change.

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IVAN KRISTIAN PEDERSENIvan Kristian Pedersen Head of Energy as a Service
11:50 -  12:20

Utilities & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at Jaguar Land Rover

The session will focus on a risk based approach for the management and continuity of Utilities; and the development of a risk register as a tool to match threats, opportunities, innovation and collaboration whilst applying the most appropriate response strategy e.g. mitigate, contingency, avoid etc. to manage and control the risk within agreed appetite limits.

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Caroline HolmanCaroline Holman, FIET, PIEMA, AEMA Senior Manager, Utilities Strategy & Provision
Jaguar Land Rover Limited
11:10 -  11:40

On-Site Renewables in a Post-Subsidy Landscape

On-site generation can offer a business cost savings and security but their development can be complex and the external environment challenging. With the variability and complexity of energy costs, increasingly onerous environmental standards and declining financial support, what are the options and some potential solutions for energy and property managers? This session helps interested parties to understand how to explore […]

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Mike PedleyDr Mike Pedley Independent Consultant
Former Head of Energy at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
13:10 -  13:40

Foundations of Energy Auditing

An energy audit is an important tool for identifying energy efficiency potential and measures.  Yet, when it comes to companies outsourcing energy management, energy auditing sits at the top of the outsourcing list. This session offers practical steps and tips on how to deliver energy audits and the basics of how to make sense of the findings.

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James KirkwoodJames Kirkwood Energy Projects Officer
Nottingham City Council
13:50 -  14:20

Public Sector Energy Storage Investment

The Your Energy Sussex (YES) programme, part of the West Sussex County Council, is about to complete on the public sector owned solar farm with 4MW battery storage on site. The project is also embarking on a roll-out of a number of standalone and co-located sites with battery storage and will outline how this is being done together with the […]

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Daire CaseyDaire Casey Energy and Data Manager
West Sussex County Council
Tom CoatesTom Coates Project Manager
West Sussex County Council
14:30 -  15:10

Battery Storage as a Solution

Battery storage is the hot topic in energy management, but so far roll out at scale has failed to happen. The future of storage as a technical solution is proven, but now the economic case needs to be made. This session discusses the innovation that has taken place and the potential income sources that will make batteries economically attractive. Battery […]

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A MardapittasDr Alex Mardapittas Chief Executive Officer
Guy BartlettGuy Bartlett Sales Director
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
15:20 -  15:50

Independent Energy Audits and Funding

If your energy bills are too high, take charge of rising costs with an independent energy audit. Whether it’s increased profit or showing your commitment to the planet, businesses stand to benefit from making energy-saving choices. A combination of economic uncertainty, fluctuating gas and electricity prices, legislation, and the increased emphasis on sustainable business practices means energy efficiency has never […]

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Ian BurrowIan Burrow National Head of Agriculture and Renewable Energy

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