EMEX 2018 Seminar Programme

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A free-to-attend conference programme with over 80 CPD-accredited seminars curated by the Energy Managers Association and its board of major energy users. The conference programme includes the opportunity for you to meet with top industry experts, peers and numerous leading suppliers that will unveil the latest technology, energy and sustainability management strategies available right now.


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Demand-Side Response DSR | Demand Side Flexibility DSF

Full Seminar Programme

Wednesday 27th November 2019

Embracing the flexible power future with a comprehensive energy strategy

11:30  -  12:00
Theatre :  Flexible Power Zone 

The energy transition is ushering in a new energy landscape, with energy set to be more democratic, decentralised and digitalised than ever before. To negotiate this successfully and take advantage of all of the opportunities that the energy transition provides, businesses need to put in place strategies that will enable their energy profile to thrive both now and in the […]

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A MardapittasDr Alex Mardapittas Chief Executive Officer

Demand Side Response – what next?

12:30  -  13:00
Theatre :  Flexible Power Zone 

With the capacity market recently clearing at 77p/kW there are many market players wondering how they can monetise their assets in a market which only appears to be delivering diminishing returns – so what next? The very need for mechanisms such as the capacity market has derived from the increase in renewables on grid, which in turn has lead to […]

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Louis Fairfax CUB (UK)Louis Fairfax Managing Director

DSR: The future is convergence

15:00  -  15:30
Theatre :  Flexible Power Zone 

Traditional DSR is converging with enhanced energy and operational services. Balancing services markets are moving closer to the time of use (for example the recent launch of the weekly FFR auctions), energy trading is starting to take off, and operations are increasingly part of the puzzle in creating the most efficient and cost effective business cases. As automation is increasingly […]

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Michael Phelan MBA CEO & Co-Founder GridBeyondMichael Phelan MBA CEO & Co-Founder

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