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This theatre explores the challenges thrown up by modern business practices and presents a vast array of solutions. It also showcases new tools, and innovative technologies available in other fields and explains their relevance to the energy professionals.

Speakers included:

Tony Wright
Divisional Director Upgrade Market
ebm-papst UK
Natalie Robinson
Electric Vehicle Sales Manager
E.ON Energy Solutions
Robert Evans
Energy Manager
South Western Railway


Wednesday 21st November 2018

10:20 -  10:50

How to Achieve Significant Energy Savings in Legacy HVAC Equipment

The presentation looks at key areas of energy consumption within commercial buildings, and using case studies for a number of different sites will demonstrate energy savings and reduced carbon emissions achieved by upgrading both the fans and controls in buildings HVAC equipment.

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Tony WrightTony Wright Divisional Director Upgrade Market
ebm-papst UK
11:00 -  11:30

Energy is a Great Catalyst for Making Sustainable Changes in your Organisation

Every day, sustainability is becoming a larger focus for society; and we want to make it ‘business as usual’ for our customers. But with so many different technologies, obligations and providers, how can you make sure you best achieve it? Join us to hear how we’ve helped one of our customers find the right solution to their energy problems and […]

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Alex RandallAlex Randall Solution Manager UK
E.ON Energy Solutions
11:40 -  12:10

A Tale of Two Energy Futures

To meet carbon commitments there are two future ‘heat’ worlds emerging. Should we move to hydrogen gas or electric heating? Each pathway has opportunities and consequences which need to be considered now as we approach the energy crossroads.

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John ArmstrongJohn Armstrong Head of Operations - City Energy Solutions
E.ON Energy Solutions
12:20 -  12:50

The Value of Good Performance – How High Performance Buildings Protect the Asset and Increase your Bottom Line

We have the ability to design good buildings and the knowledge to operate them in an effective and efficient manner – so why doesn’t it happen? We know how to build good performance buildings but the issue seems to be having the design feed through to performance-in-use. This has led to what has been termed the performance gap, which has […]

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Debbie HobbsDebbie Hobbs Head of Sustainability, Real Assets
Legal & General Investment Management
Andy LewryDr Andy Lewry Principal Technical Consultant
BREEAM Existing Buildings Team, BRE Global
Emma BushellEmma Bushell Sustainability and Energy Manager
Octavia Housing
Paul LynchPaul Lynch Head of Energy & Water Management
VINCI Facilities
13:40 -  14:20

Opportunities and Challenges of Delivering Electric Vehicle Charging Points

The Government has set out an ambitious plan to move to electric vehicles. But, is the lack of infrastructure holding things back? The panel discusses the challenges of delivering electric vehicle charging points in practice and how to overcome the challenges and deliver the infrastructure needed.

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HusnainHusnain Khan Operations Director
Charge Point Services Ltd
Jane DevlinJane Devlin Energy Strategy Manager
East Hampshire District Council
Julia BlackwellJulia Blackwell Energy Officer
Huntingdonshire District Council
Michelle GillesMichelle Giles Head of Synergy Alliance
IMServ Europe Limited
Richard WillsonRichard Willson Environmental Strategy Manager
Norwich City Council
13:00 -  13:30

Practical Approach to Waste Management

Planning waste management and recycling for all waste generated by an organisation can be a daunting and enormous task which will require logistical planning, knowledge of legislation and a more in-depth understanding in order to balance environmental and economic benefits. This task quite often will fall with the energy manager for the organisation, if there is no sustainability person or […]

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Gemma BirleyGemma Birley Director
Green Finch Environmental Consulting
Vassia PaloumbiDr Vassia Paloumbi Sustainability and Energy Management Expert
14:30 -  14:50

Heating and Hot Water Refurbishment at St Paul’s Cathedral

A case study presentation on how upgrading to modular boilers can help with the refurbishment of older buildings. The session focuses on overcoming the challenges of a listed building refurbishment and how St Paul’s Cathedral in London recently saved 40% on their gas consumption with a Hamworthy modular boiler solution.

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Sam BoshierSam Boshier Marketing Manager
Hamworthy Heating
14:55 -  15:15

Zero Carbon by 2040

The Edinburgh University created a Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Options (RELCO) Group to explore the technical and business cases for different pathways to achieve their organisational goal –  Zero Carbon by 2040. As part of this renewable energy review process, the OnGen Expert was successfully used to screen dozens of sites across the 300+ buildings and land in and […]

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Christopher Trigg OngenChris Trigg Managing Director
OnGen Ltd
15:45 -  16:05

CPA helps Strathmore Mineral Water Achieve 30% in Energy Savings

CPA’s air barriers are designed to create a ‘virtual door’ by generating a waterfall of air over an opening and producing a robust seal.  This environmental separation prevents heat loss and the ingress of dirt and flying insects.  Strathmore; owned by AG Barr, installed their air barrier to help maintain the temperature in the warehouse area, save energy and improve […]

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Alan CollinAlan Collin CEO
CPA Engineered Solutions Limited
15:20 -  15:40

The Reduction in the Cost of Heating Hot Water at CBRE

CBRE installed the CircoSense technology at the Tower of London as a ‘proof of concept’. The device resulted in 32.5% savings on the cost of heating hot water at the site, with a payback period of 2.75 years. In addition, the CircoSense unit reduced the annual carbon emissions by 9.2 tonnes. Since then CBRE have rolled the technology out to […]

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Craig McKendrickCraig McKendrick UK Sales Manager
Ian ShawIan Shaw Energy Manager and Head of Technical (Energy) Development
16:10 -  16:30

Transformer Replacement Project at Ninewells Hospital – Energy Savings Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit

This session will outline the substantial yet often overlooked energy saving opportunities through MV supply transformers.  Drawing on a recent case study carried out at Ninewells hospital, delegates will gain a basic understanding of super low loss amorphous technology, see examples of energy savings that have been achieved in past installations and understand how their own estate could benefit.

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Erika WilsonErika Wilson Managing Director
Wilson Power Solutions

Thursday 22nd November 2018

10:20 -  10:50

Take Control of your Energy Costs and Profit from New Opportunities

Remember when the cost of your energy bill was all about the cost of gas and electricity but now an ever increasing element of your bill is related to network and policy costs. Join me to discuss the industry changes driving these costs up, the changing nature of the risks and future changes and how energy can in fact put […]

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rob woodRob Wood Portfolio Risk and Third Party Costing Manager
E.ON Energy Solutions
11:00 -  11:50

Energy Performance Contracts: successes and pitfalls

Despite the growing trend in the use of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) in the UK over the last few years, the overall uptake has been slow with approximately 90% of the uptake being by public sector organisations. For energy managers, EPCs offer cost and carbon savings which are guaranteed yet there appear to be many barriers to get the EPCs […]

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CostasCostas Panagiotakopoulos Energy Manager
South Western Railway
James PhillipsJames Phillips Partner
Burges Salmon LLP
Rachel Toresen-OwuorRachel Toresen-Owuor Programme Director
Local Partnerships
Robert Baylis CalderdaleRobert Baylis Environmental, Quality and Compliance Manager
Calderdale Council
Vassia PaloumbiDr Vassia Paloumbi Sustainability and Energy Management Expert
12:40 -  13:20

Road to Zero

July 2018 saw the introduction of the government’s Road to Zero strategy. Specifically, this sets out plans to reform building regulations to accelerate the rollout of electric vehicle charge points, invest in new charging infrastructure, and ban the sale of conventional petrol and diesel cars from 2040. The environmental impact of no new fossil fuel vehicles on the road is […]

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David Mason Senior Sustainability Manager at SkanskaDavid Mason Environment Technical Director
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
Natalie RobinsonNatalie Robinson Electric Vehicle Sales Manager
E.ON Energy Solutions
Robert EvansRobert Evans CEO
Robert WilliamsRobert Williams General Manager - Procurement
12:00 -  12:30

Delivering the Sustainability Imperative – One Building at a Time

The session will explain how by starting small and focusing on replacing the pumps first with new variable speed, high efficiency pumps and continuous system performance monitoring is delivering improved system efficiency, reduced energy usage, saving cost and reducing CO2 emissions at the recently upgraded plant room facility at the National Grid site in Homer Road, Solihull, Birmingham.

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Dave Roper - ArmstrongDavid Roper Service and Energy Upgrade Sales Manager
Armstrong Fluid Technology
TunjiTunji Asiwaju Global Performance Management Services Manager
Armstrong Fluid Technology
12:30 -  13:00

Ways to Meet your Renewables Targets with Corporate PPAs

Good news. Your business has committed to running on renewable energy. Now your challenge is finding the best way to source it. How do you set up a reliable, cost-effective supply that fits with your corporate values? This is how to work out the answer.

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Adam Clarke - EDFAdam Clarke Senior Manager of I&C Commercial
EDF Energy
13:30 -  14:00

Update on the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), the proposed carbon reporting scheme is set to replace the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), and its anticipated start date of April 2019 is approaching. This session offers guidance on how organisations can prepare, what will be the qualifying criteria and how the new reporting framework will benefit the companies.

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Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
14:10 -  14:40

The Challenges and Opportunities of Decentralised Energy

As we transition to a low carbon energy system we are at a crossroads in terms of the costs of providing energy vs the carbon emissions that emanate from that energy. Hear through the drivers of this market and the opportunities that exist within it.

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Stephen NewmanStephen Newman Country Head Bid Management OSG UK
E.ON Energy Solutions
14:50 -  15:10

23% Annual Energy Savings on a Distribution Centre Cold Store for a Major Supermarket

Case Study on how cold store energy savings were identified by a focus on reducing energy by collection and analysis of data.

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Anne FlanaganAnne Flanagan MInstR Business Development Manager
Star Technical Solutions
15:15 -  15:35

Anglian Water Trial – Cambridge

Anglian Water and Connected Energy worked together on a project to understand how to maximise the potential of renewable energy projects and offer grid services support by integrating E-STOR energy storage systems on sites. Anglian Water’s aim was to make the most of storing energy generated from their renewable sources, like the solar panels they plan to install across the region.  Integrating batteries into these projects would ensure […]

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SilouhetteJason Cox Head Of UK Sales
Connected Energy Limited
15:40 -  16:00

Entering Into the Spirit of Energy Saving

William Grant started his Scottish whiskey distillery in 1887.  Today, this well-known brand has an enviable reputation for the quality of spirits they produce and distribute internationally. Always looking to see how they can improve, they approached Grundfos Pumps to review their energy efficiency. Having undertaken an initial energy check, Grundfos identified several areas where significant savings were possible. Taking […]

More details
Andy Shearer - GrundfosAndy Shearer Director of Sales - Industry
Grundfos Pumps Ltd

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