Energy as a Service: Cutting Energy Spend and CO2 without Risk or Big Investment

IVAN KRISTIAN PEDERSENBy Ivan Kristian Pedersen, Head of Energy as a ServiceØrsted

The UK energy marketplace is undergoing a massive transition. As a result, we are seeing prices rise and market volatility increase. The cost of technology is also falling rapidly, making significant commercial opportunity available to businesses that use new technology to optimise processes, lower their bills and improve their environmental profile.

During this session, Ivan will examine the changing dynamic between the customer and their energy supplier, challenging suppliers to help businesses overcome the obstacles to smarter energy management. He’ll take a close look at whether it’s possible to reduce your energy bill, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating potential risks, all without the need for big investment.

Reducing the corporate or industrial bill is no trivial matter, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. However, as technology advances and the dynamic between customer and supplier evolves, it is possible for companies like Dong Energy to become more than just a supplier. By assuming a greater proportion of the responsibility for the risks surrounding energy management, we can also increase the benefit to customers.

Ivan explores how businesses can work with their supplier to take a fresh approach to energy management, explaining how Ørsted is taking radical new steps to help customers hand over the risks associated with procurement, on-site generation, energy efficiency and smarter energy management, enabling them to cut costs, boost their green credentials and achieve maximum commercial benefit.

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