Energising Facilities Management

By Paul Lynch, Head of Energy & Water Management, VINCI Facilities

Energy & Water management is increasingly high on the agenda of large organisations for many reasons, from compliance with legislation through cost savings to improving the company’s ‘Green’ image.

Facilities Management is a well-established service, whether outsourced or delivered internally and holds responsibility for operating & maintaining a facility effectively. So why does Energy & Water management often sit outside of an FM’s remit? Partially, it is due to the different objectives of each activity and partially due to the different skill sets required. This has led to the disciplines becoming largely separated and, at worst, in conflict.

However, to add value and make a real tangible difference to the bottom line and cut carbon and costs, energy & water management needs to be an integral part of the FM strategy.

This session will discuss how, from a technical, contractual and cultural perspective, a more integrated approach can provide significant benefits to all parties.

EMEX 2017

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