EMEX 2017: What really matters?

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The take home points.

With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors, EMEX 2017 proved again to be a massive draw, bringing together the latest talent and ideas with high profile Guest Speakers providing all with insight into emerging trends and technologies. A huge amount of interest, comment and opinion…. But what are the real buzz words for 2018?

EMEX has it all: facility management, generation, renewables, storage and sustainable solutions – the list goes on… The event was well organised with a great atmosphere; people were able to connect to exchange ideas and interests.

Fraser Durham, Commercial Director: “We all hear a great deal of news and comment around the subjects of generation and emissions and some of that can be negative and a legitimate cause for concern, but EMEX showed us all that there is an abundance of innovation and a real appetite for game-changing technologies that will have a huge impact in the way that we all generate and consume energy – and the real buzz word: storage – storage and storage…”

Alastair Gets, Lead Analytics Engineer: “Chatting to people in the renewable/storage and energy management industry at EMEX gave us great insight to current trends and needs. Not only did we make valuable contacts and see old friends but it also helped to further narrow our focus in reaction to queries and discussions. And mention “storage” and everyone looks up! There was a lot of interest in our Clarity tool which enables investors to optimise on-site renewables and storage against demand.”

Claire Limberg, Business Architect: “The diversity of technology and the excitement gave the event a real buzz. All the visitors to the Argand stand really took on board the value of what we provide and our new website went down well too. The seminar on ‘Battery Storage for Business’ was packed and it’s clear that this technology is rapidly expanding – it was interesting to hear about the opportunities as well as some of the limitations.”

These limitations present their own opportunities; a major consideration with future levels of generation and storage is grid capacity; the network is already struggling with the level of power distribution – and this is where Argand Solutions come in.

Fraser Durham: “Argand’s GridGEM® for renewables, batteries and energy storage is a DNO-approved solution that guarantees that export limits will not be breached. With energy storage now recognised as generation, energy storage will increasingly come across export constraints – thus, requiring a solution such as GridGEM®. In addition, the co-location of storage and renewables will need a “brain” to manage the interaction of the different technologies with the Grid – for which GridGEM® provides the solution.”

Claire Limberg: “I would say that battery storage was the ‘buzz word’ and that GridGEM®’s role in bringing this technology to fruition is set to grow as a result. The visitors to our stand really understood the complexity behind the integration of assets and we are looking forward to working with all the contacts that we made.”

And what about other buzz words and plans for 2018?

Claire: “Many interesting areas to think about here, but definitely ‘Automated Billing.’ There is a huge interest in this area, which is understandable; as pricing models and tariff become more sophisticated, automated billing provides both and accurate and time saving solution. Again, we are looking forward to working with all the businesses that we spoke to about automated billing – and of course we are planning for EMEX 2018…”

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