EMEX 2017 in a nutshell

Lord RedesdaleBack in 2012, the Energy Managers Association (EMA) was formed with the aim of becoming the voice of energy management and bringing increased awareness of energy management as a profession. To provide and enhance the awareness of energy management, we have written hundreds of articles and organised a large number of members’ meetings and conferences. We have also developed and delivered numerous training courses to train new energy managers and up-skill the acting professionals.

However, all these accomplishments would not be possible without the active and experienced energy management professionals who contribute to our publications, share their achievements and give voice to the challenges they face during presentations at EMEX

The EMA team is guided on the work needed to develop the sector by its membership, and we realise that peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is one of the most valuable benefits for the professionals who we represent. So, whilst the EMA was established to become the voice of the industry, you – the acting energy management professionals – give substance to that voice. We look forward to hearing more about your activities and further developing the EMA into a vibrant network at the next EMEX, on 21–22 November and throughout 2018.

All the best,

Lord Redesdale


A very well organised event. Many experts in their fields gathered together to share their views and experiences. A good place to get a sense of what technologies and services are out there to help achieve Net Zero, as well as getting a sense of where different industries are on their roadmap to Net Zero.

Environmental Scientist, Nijhuis Industries

Emex is interesting, informative and educational… and this can only improve with an even larger and broader presence of all providers of technologies and services in 2022.

Director, Alpha-Financials Environmental

A well thought out exhibition with 4 key topic zones under which each heading there were very good presentations emphasising current priorities for 2030 net zero.

Operations Director, Selva Associates Ltd

Really enjoyed my first visit to EMEX. Come away feeling inspired.

Environment and Sustainability Manager, Evans Vanodine International PLC

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