The EMA Magazine I March-April 2017

Suki Gilliland, Principal Energy Systems and Services Manager at VodafoneWelcome to the March-April 2017 edition of the magazine for energy managers, the EMA Magazine!

Lord Redesdale asked me to take the reins this month and write this foreword.

I am Principal Energy Systems and Services Manager at Vodafone. I moved into the Energy Management profession at the end of the 90s after working in Facilities Management for 10 years. My job is varied and interesting and I haven’t looked back. As all Energy people say, no two days are ever the same!

Our profession certainly continues to be an exciting and innovative one to be a part of.

We’re often the ones challenging convention, asking the awkward questions and nudging our organisations into often uncharted territory. How many times have you heard the statements “but we’ve always done it this way”. Or “oh, we tried that before and it didn’t work”?

It’s our role to work to change these perceptions, and sometimes it can feel like we are swimming against the tide. This can be a weighty responsibility, but we all know how satisfying it feels when we finally achieve our objectives to improve the energy efficiency, energy procurement or energy security of our organisations! 

I’m passionate about engaging with and training our people to raise the awareness and skill sets of everyone in our organisation.

I am striving to “grow my own” energy managers of all types from within our organisation and really believe that everyone has a role to play and should be afforded the skills and training to allow them to be part of our energy saving journey.

I’ve utilised a range of training tools to do this and you will see that the magazine this month has some excellent articles on training, staff engagement and technology which I hope you and your colleagues will find useful.

At times, the sheer magnitude and breadth of our responsibility as energy professionals can be daunting. Remember, as one of my Directors recently said to me, “Suki, it’s all about marginal gains, we can do this, one step at a time”.

Suki Gilliland, Principal Energy Systems and Services Manager at Vodafone

Published 6 times a year, THE EMA MAGAZINE covers news and features related to energy management, sustainability and environment.

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