The EMA Magazine I October-September 2017

Greetings energy management colleagues,

Alexandra Hammond Associate Director of Sustainability at Essentia

Alexandra Hammond, Associate Director of Sustainability at Essentia

One of the toughest challenges we face in delivering energy efficiency is making sure the measures we propose are understood and integrated into the wider business context of our organisations. Energy management alone rarely makes it to the boardroom, but it can contribute significantly towards cost saving, as well as strategic growth and development decisions.

At Essentia, I work with clients to demonstrate how sound energy management can deliver real business results and even revenue-generating opportunities, which is why I’m excited to introduce the latest edition of the EMA magazine.

This issue covers critical topics like developing an energy management strategy and helpfully includes a Board and Directors’ Guide to Energy Reduction – particularly useful if you need to engage someone to champion energy management at the strategic decision-making level.

There are also articles on team expansion, the results of a recent survey on energy management knowledge, skills and behaviours, and on the sensible quick win interventions that you can implement, such as lighting, that not only save energy but reduce maintenance and improve environments – relevant to everyone!

We hope you enjoy and, please don’t forget, this magazine is designed to help you in your jobs and to develop your careers.

Happy reading!

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