The EMA Magazine I January-February 2018

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Lord Rupert Redesdale

Rupert Redesdale, CEO of the EMA

We would like to start this issue with positive news that UK emissions were 42% below 1990 levels in 2016. This certainly deserves a pat on the UK’s back. The not so positive grunt from me would be that the next steps are going to be really hard, if the UK Plc is to meet the 2050 target. I believe that it will have to be achieved through a fundamental shift in how we view energy.

A large number of companies take the risk of climate change within their business seriously, and some of them shared their energy management practices in the previous issues of this magazine.

However, there are many more organisations for whom impact on climate change seems somewhat distant. I worked on the 2009 Climate Change Act and 2020 seemed a lifetime away, now of course with less than two years to go it has a more urgent feel.

A great deal is expected to happen in terms of energy management and tackling climate change in the years to come, and no doubt that energy use reduction has to come front and centre.

Throughout this year, we look forward to bringing you more articles with the latest developments in the industry and also hope to hear your viewpoints.

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