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Increasing resource efficiency through software and services for Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide is a well-known hospitality company with 4,500+ properties around the globe. It operates a range of brands, from luxury resorts to boutique hotels. Providing a consistently excellent guest experience on such a scale involves significant utility bills, which makeup Hilton’s second largest operational expense after labour and require outlays equivalent to 5% of annual revenue raised.

Yet for the hotelier, efficient resource management is much more than a way to cut costs.

“Energy is a major cost component for Hilton Worldwide. It’s the second largest expense to labor. We also want to be good stewards of the environment,” says Thomas Webster, Director of Strategic Sourcing Energy Management at Hilton.

To help achieve its multifaceted efficiency and sustainability goals, Hilton sought the expertise of an energy management specialist with a global presence and comprehensive capabilities.

Schneider Electric supports Hilton’s strategic energy plans and policies at multiple levels, from sourcing to saving.

Challenges & Actions

The solution lineup for Hilton starts with Resource Advisor, a scalable, cloud-based software application that makes real-time utility pricing and consumption data visible, comparable, and actionable across Hilton’s global portfolio of owned, managed, and leased properties. Managers can configure personal dashboards and generate customised reports for water, waste, and electricity use to analyse performance and benchmark facilities.

Energy and Sustainability Services consultants from Schneider Electric put this hard energy data to work, using it to drive pricing negotiations with utility suppliers, identify energy-saving opportunities for Hilton, and advise on equipment maintenance. Automated billing management rounds out the energy procurement cycle to ensure timely payment and minimise pricing discrepancies.

On-site, Schneider Electric building management solutions help staff optimise resource consumption and combine facility control systems for comprehensive utility cost oversight. Energy University, a professional education curriculum focused on resource efficiency, offers managers and facilities staff best practices for getting the most out of Hilton’s deep relationship with Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric solutions extend even to Hilton’s guest rooms, where travelers can personalise their room temperature and lighting settings with unobtrusive technology that also helps prevent security threats and detect res early.

And no matter where Hilton’s next grand opening is, Schneider Electric can be there. Resource Advisor’s modular design allows easy integration with site architectures and enables data-driven support from the Energy and Sustainability Services Team at any hotel, large or small.

Lessons & Results

Thanks to Schneider Electric, Hilton can achieve energy saving results appreciated by management and also by a growing number of eco-minded guests.

“We have averaged 3% savings per year through energy procurement and cost avoidance. With those savings we can invest in additional amenities to make the guest experience exceptional.” Thomas Webster, Director of Strategic Sourcing Energy Management, Hilton Worldwide

Those are energy savings, amounting to around 3% per year and 14.5% since 2009, that Hilton can reinvest into its already world-class – and now more sustainable – guest experience.

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