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Innovative electrification solutions

22 Nov 2023
Case Study
Energy Future and Flexible Networks
Already a low carbon mode of transport in the UK, the DFT set a deadline of 2040 to remove all diesel-only trains from the rail network. GWR and Powerstar have embarked on an innovative project to deliver decarbonised rail travel through quicker and cheaper electrification of branch line routes. Powerstar CEO Solon Mardapittas is joined by Julian Fletcher GWR’s Technology Development Manager to discuss the ‘Fast Charging’ battery train trial on the Greenford branch. Using battery technology developed by Powerstar, the new fast charging battery train will operate the previous diesel line’s timetable, with operational emissions reduce to less than 5% of diesel equivalent
Solon Mardapittas, CEO - Powerstar
Julian Fletcher, Technology Development Manager (Fast Charge Battery Train Trial) - Great Western Railway GWR

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