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IOT and data: The next wave of smart technology

22 Nov 2023
Case Study
Energy Future and Flexible Networks

Real-world outcomes highlighting energy savings, process improvements, and sustainability achievements through IoT and data-driven energy management will be uncovered in this joint Q&A session with IMS Evolve and Ziehl-Abegg.

Themes covered will include:
- How can IoT and Industry 4.0 transform operations at speed and scale
- Building robust and sustainable business models: Why now is the time for organisations to act
- Unlocking real-time data: How are solutions optimising energy and reducing carbon for organisations
- How is collaboration paving the way for enhanced solutions and technology-driven results

Simon Hirschmann, Head of Product Management Electronics & Motors - Ziehl-Abegg
Jason Kay, Chief Commercial Officer - IMS Evolve