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How businesses can reduce their energy costs

22 Nov 2023
Panel Discussion
Energy and Carbon Management Strategy Theatre
- Panellists will share some specific examples of how businesses have successfully implemented smart building technologies to reduce energy usage, including an overview of results in terms of cost savings and carbon footprint reduction. They will also address the common misconceptions and myths about smart buildings so businesses can make more informed decisions when it comes to adopting smart building solutions.
- Understanding energy profiles is crucial for effective energy management. Panellists will elaborate on the key factors that businesses should consider when analysing their energy profiles, and how this knowledge can translate into actionable steps for reducing energy consumption.
- Panellists will share examples of businesses that have treated energy as a risk and price management project, rather than simply opting for the cheapest option during the procurement phase, and the benefit of this approach, i.e. navigating through fluctuations in energy markets while ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness. The session will conclude with some practical steps organisations can take to engage and encourage employees to participate actively in energy conservation efforts.
Jo Sutherland, Managing Director - Magenta Associates
Kam Singh, Director of Carbon Solutions - EMCOR UK
Shane Betts, Head of Corporate Accounts - JLL
Eric Bakken, Energy & Sustainability Sales Lead for EMEA - JLL
Jason Koffler, CEO - Critical Power Supplies

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