Compressing your Air Costs

Roy Brooks

By Roy BrooksTechnical Development OfficerBritish Compressed Air Society

Unlike other energy sources on site such as electricity and gas, compressed air is generated onsite by users. The opportunities to minimise waste and cost lie in two areas:

  • generation (compressing the ambient incoming air)
  • demand (consuming the compressed air)

The session will cover the usual low cost and good housekeeping measures of controls, reducing pressure generation, leak survey and repair, reviewing all compressed air applications (is compressed air the best method?). It will also cover choosing your supplier for an installation. Poor design and installation practices have adverse long-term consequences for energy consumption of a compressed air system, but also its safety, productivity, and product quality. Training staff and managers to understand the cost and environmental impact of this invisible resource yields improved practices and savings. Improvements in data collection allow for better measurement of consumption and therefore management of compressed air.

This talk will take a “system approach” to managing your compressed air resource to produce and use it as effectively as possible.

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