Case Studies: Reduce Energy Consumption of your Buildings’ HVAC

Karl Lowe

The presentation looks at how leading organisations have significantly reduced the energy consumption of their existing HVAC equipment, by fitting EC fans and controls as well as improving the system design.

The main case study will look at how a major UK airport achieved energy savings of 73%, additional case studies look at savings achieved for data centres and commercial buildings.

Details will be given on how the projects were managed and completed, and look at not only the energy savings but also the additional benefits offered to building managers such as improved control and monitoring, reduced noise, reduced maintenance, built-in redundancy and extended product life.

Take aways:

  • Understand the important part HVAC equipment and the fans & controls used plays in delivering an energy efficient building, HVAC is one of the
    main contributors to energy bills for most commercial buildings.
  • Understand how upgrading your buildings’ existing HVAC equipment can be a relatively simple task and offer excellent energy savings and ROI.
  • Case studies demonstrate how leading companies are already benefiting from fitting high-efficiency EC fans in their buildings HVAC equipment, achieving energy savings of up to 73%.
  • Learn how improvements to system design can deliver additional benefits including reduced noise, improved control, accurate power measurement and predictive maintenance.

Presentation by Karl Lowe, Regional Service Manager West Europe – Munters
Helen McHugh, Head of New Product Research – ebm-papst UK Ltd

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