Ardent Leisure’s Building Management Systems Upgrade

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Ardent Leisure is one of Australia’s most successful owner/operators of premium leisure assets including 52 Bowling Centres and Amusement Arcades, 77 Health Clubs, 3 Theme Park attractions and 7 Marinas.

Rick Johnson, Energy Efficiency Manager for Ardent Leisure Group, wanted to make sure that the business had complete control and visibility over equipment on site to reduce operational costs. They appointed leading energy efficiency specialist SEDAC Energy Management as their OEM supplier to lead the project. With a proven track record in delivering significant savings and quick paybacks for customers across the Refrigeration, HVAC, BEMS and Energy Management sectors SEDAC EM were perfectly positioned to deliver the project.

Challenges & Actions

Ardent Leisure identified that the HVAC systems across multiple sites were not operating e iciently. Maintenance was a challenge as the existing control system was proprietary, requiring specialist technicians to program and maintain it. Replacement parts were also extremely expensive as they often needed to be replaced and backed by limited, short-term warranties.

The project also had to be fulfilled in a compressed timeframe to avoid any downtime and disruption to site comfort levels and customer access. Sites also needed to be managed in conjunction with the client and the maintenance service providers to ensure they were confident with the RDM system for optimal operation.

SEDAC EM proposed the RDM Control System to expand the visibility and control of the assets and to allow for more efficient operation. The system utilised RDM’s Intuitive range of programmable logic and plant controllers using their free license TDB (The Data Builder) so ware to create complex, bespoke control solutions. RDM’s TDB So ware also allowed for the fine tuning of site assets, ensuring the most efficient operation without compromising comfort levels.

At the heart of the solution a dmTouch, RDM’s touch screen front end, gathered all of the data making it available in real-time. The dmTouch facilitated the advanced features of the solution, including remote access using a friendly graphical interface without the need for proprietary so ware.

The sophisticated control solution, incorporating all HVAC plant, delivered more efficient economy cycles, time schedule flexibility, and remote access for interrogation.

Additional peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs were another additional benefit as all RDM manufactured product is backed by a five year warranty.

A number of the sites operated Air Change© Package Units containing heat exchangers to allow for efficient operation. The RDM System heightened control and visibility by maximising the features within the existing system. Optimal control of the Variable Speed Drives and Economy Control Dampers dramatically improved the efficiency of the units operation. This was completed by installing temperature sensors in the Zone, Air On Coil, Air O Coil, Return Air, Outside Air and Humidity on each unit. All sensor readings were then used to optimise the package unit control using custom logic within the Intuitive Controllers utilising the TDB so ware. Having live visibility across each package unit allowed for fine tuning and optimisation to ensure all settings were efficiently calibrated.

Lessons & Results

Ardent has now completed eight sites which have resulted in energy reduction of 20% savings and an estimated ROI of less than one year.

The RDM solution that SEDAC EM implemented has significantly improved our control and visibility on site, which has resulted in large energy and maintenance savings. The remote access and intuitive control enables me to review site performance and asset efficiency from anywhere at any time with internet access.’’ Rick Johnson – Energy Efficiency Manager, Ardent Leisure Group

The solution not only provided fast returns on investment but enabled maintenance technicians to fault find issues much faster than with the previous system, reducing maintenance charges and dramatically improving the HVAC system’s efficiency. Following the completion of certain sites the RDM system highlighted pre-existing issues associated with plant and equipment which allowed for efficient rectification and site optimisation. The RDM system continues to deliver full visibility and control across existing plant and equipment, facilitating complete control and optimal asset operation.

While reducing energy consumption, and the associated costs, the climate controlled environment gives customers optimal conditions and a comfortable leisure environment – ensuring that they have an enjoyable experience across the venues, boosting their loyalty and extending the customer lifecycle.

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