Introduction from Lord Redesdale, EMEX Conference Chair

Energy costs continue to have a disproportionate effect on companies’ profit margins. Boards need to understand the risk of not taking energy management seriously. EMEX will put forward the solutions.

EMEX is the energy management show that connects all energy users with leading experts, policy makers, suppliers and technical solutions. This marketplace includes a free to attend conference programme that will help you control energy costs, gain industry insights, source innovations, share knowledge and stay up to date with the latest and upcoming legislative changes and how these are affecting businesses in the UK.

EMEX is the major opportunity to bring commercial and industrial consumers of energy together with manufacturers and suppliers. This is not just a show about the price of energy, it is a show about understanding its use.

4 topical seminars:

  1. Energy and Carbon Management Strategy

Career & Training | Regulation & Compliance | Best Practice | SECR | ESOS

  2. Sustainability and Net Zero

Strategies | Policy | Reporting | Transformational Change | Adaptation

  3. Built Environment and Transport

Low Carbon Retrofit | EV & Charging Infrastructure | Case Studies

  4. Energy Future and Flexible Networks

Demand-Side Response DSR | Battery Storage | Renewables

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