4D Monitoring delivers significant energy savings across 27 commercial sites in London.


4D monitoring4D Monitoring is an end-to-end building monitoring solution that integrates with a wide range of sensor technology to provide an immediate, live, non-technical view of building performance. 4D Monitoring collaborates with property owners, site managers and M&E contractors to drive operational efficiencies and save energy.

As part of a project to reach a 30% reduction in energy intensity across its equity portfolio by 2030, a leading global real estate investor invited 4D Monitoring to run pilot installations across a number of its multi-let commercial sites in London.

Working in partnership with the Managing Agent, this was immediately expanded to 27 sites in the south of the UK.

The challenge & Actions

The sites selected for the pilot project were a mix of Tier 1, 2 and 3 with a variety of EPC and BREEAM ratings, and ranged in size from 600 to 5,000m2. Many had legacy building management and HVAC systems, which meant a lack of visibility into building performance.

4D Monitoring had also been challenged to demonstrate a return on investment within the first six months, which meant the solution had to be easy-to-install, retrofit and scalable. Close collaboration with the Managing Agent, site management teams and service providers was essential.

Within the first month, over 400 IOT-enabled sensors had been installed across the 27 sites, feeding live building performance data – securely – to 4D Monitoring’s cloud-based portal. Sensors monitored the air conditioning plant, chillers, calorifiers, water tanks, boilers and heating systems.

With each building online, 4D Monitoring was able to interrogate the operational data immediately. 49 individual opportunities to optimise equipment runtimes were identified, alongside other issues that would not have been immediately evident from meter readings, monthly service inspections nor by interrogating remote or legacy closed protocol BMS systems.

Site contractors were then mobilised to make the recommended adjustments.

Driving ongoing efficiencies

4D Monitoring conducted a series of round-table meetings with the Managing Agent, site teams and M&E contractors to review the operational data and ensure 4D Monitoring’s recommendations were followed up on the ground.

These reviews occurred in November 2017, February, May and September 2018. The next is due to take place in December.

Lessons & Results

The pilot delivered energy savings between 10% – 40% per building, which equates to an ROI within the allotted six months.

In one building, a 35% reduction in kWh was observed over a period of 3 months compared to the previous year. When extrapolated, this equates to a 37% annual utility bill saving.

Across a second site, adjustments to chiller, boiler and AHU operation resulted in a 10,573kWh saving compared to the same period in 2016.

Throughout the process, a collaborative approach between 4D Monitoring, site management teams and contracted engineers has proved key. This ensures efficiencies are continuously looked for, and operational errors are acted upon quickly in order to reduce energy wastage on an ongoing basis.

“The level of detail being obtained has proved to be a revelation. This has led to a three-phase approach: identify quick wins, optimise the way the plant is used, and then maintain that level of performance” – Matt Livesey, Director of Property Management

For more information, visit the 4D Monitoring website: www.4dmonitoring.co.uk

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