2018 Post-Show Report revealed that EMEX audience continues to represent the lion’s share of UK Energy Managers


4,423 attendees graced the show over two days. EMEX is the UK’s only stand-alone energy efficiency event, and its audience continues to represent the lion’s share of UK Energy Managers.

We’ve been so proud of the positive feedback from attendees, exhibitors and speakers. The comments come from a range of product suppliers and experts and reflect a broad cross-section of business sectors which suggests that we are providing a good depth of knowledge in the right areas.

EMEX is very much the EMA’s show; it is a way that we can get the members together and build our community. Through the seminars, we hope we offered you a wide range of topics on which experts gave up to date presentations; one of the most interesting was on climate change. 

At EMEX, we’re rather fortunate that we are able to separate seminars from sales presentations. The content of the theatres is uniquely programmed by Lord Rupert Redesdale, the EMA, its board and surveys of the membership. There is a real desire by senior Energy Managers to ensure that the seminars are appealing and instructive to attendees, many of whom no longer attend other events. Not only do our attendees come to hear informative presentations but they are delighted to spend the rest of their time visiting the exhibitors, playing with new technology and hearing their pitches on how they can reduce their energy bills. 

EMEX exhibitors and visitors tend to use a genuine face-to-face opportunity to prod and poke innovative products and have meaningful conversations with the common aim to reduce energy consumption. This means that they are only too happy to share contact information and pursue collaborations and deals during the weeks and months after the show.

Here is a snapshot of EMEX in facts and figures: 

4,423 attendees graced the show over two days. EMEX is the UK’s only stand-alone energy efficiency event, and its audience continues to represent the lion’s share of UK Energy Managers.

112 speakers, over 130 exhibitors and 80 seminar sessions, 8 hours of CPD credits and 1,000 attendees sit in each of the 5 seminar theatres. 

Our post-show survey reveals that: 

  • Visitors have given an average score of 8 out of 10. 
  • 80% of our attendees are likely to recommend EMEX to their colleagues.
  • 78% of our attendees have confirmed their intention to return in 2019.
  • Our attendees spend a combined £9–12bn on energy every year, which is more than half of the UK’s total non-domestic energy consumption! And over 53% will spend six or seven figures on energy efficiency.

The chart below shows the primary job functions of attendees.

Here’s what some of you have said about EMEX:

“It was great to attend EMEX to share ideas and experiences and catch up with the latest interpretation of what is next by way of regulations, technologies and opportunities.  Energy management certainly is a dynamic and diverse subject at the moment, for example, energy efficiency, storage, renewables, DSR and EVs…”


“In a bustling EMEX energy exhibition with @iemanet @PhilCHike @nickblythe & @theCCCuk we’ve been sparking with a fantastic, lively audience over how to deliver @RapidTransition to hit the 1.5-degree climate target”


“Fantastic day at EMEX. Not only did I get to meet some fascinating people from across energy but I also got to present on the future of heat. I loved the engagement from the audience and the challenging questions.”

When it comes to important areas to watch over the coming months and year, here are the topics covered in the most attended sessions:

  • Guidance on the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting
  • How to Develop and Successfully Present Business Cases
  • Empowering Women in Energy Management
  • Embracing Battery Storage as a Key Source Of Flexibility
  • Road to Zero
  • Energy Performance Contracts: Successes and pitfalls
  • How to succeed in implementing an Energy Management Strategy
  • ESOS: Reflect, summarise and prepare for Phase 2
  • The Greate Policy Smog and how to navigate it
  • Driving Sustainable Business: Why Generation Z is the key
  • Turning Opportunities into a Sustainable Energy Strategy
  • Environmental Management Systems & Auditing for Climate  Change Action
  • Battery Storage as a Solution
  • Foundations of Energy Auditing
  • On-Site Renewables in a Post-Subsidy Landscape
  • Safe, Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • Lighting up the dark side
  • Appraising the Opportunities for Sustainable Business Travel
  • Keynote Presentation by the Committee on Climate Change
  • New Guidance & Standards for Climate Change Adaptation
  • How to Achieve Significant Energy Savings in Legacy HVAC Equipment
  • Water and Energy Auditing Techniques – Practical examples
  • Sustainability as a Point of Competitive Advantage
  • A Tale of Two Energy Futures
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Delivering Electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • Practical Approach to Waste Management

Many of the seminar presentations are available on the EMEX website, www.emexlondon.com/2018-seminar-presentations/

I’d like to quote some other participants whom we thank for their on-going support – they make it easy to confirm our return in 2019 doing even more for your energy management community:

“I’d recommend EMEX to all my colleagues. It is targeted, focused and embraces the excellence of our profession while challenging perceptions and striving for greater knowledge and understanding.” 


“I always find EMEX helpful for my job. Good networking platform where we also can get update on latest technologies!” Mohammad Rafique, Energy & Environment Officer, Surrey Police


“EMEX is a fantastic event which gets better and better each year. The seminar programme, product information and networking opportunities are second to none and are invaluable to an Energy Manager in progressing energy and carbon reduction strategies.”


“EMEX provides both a showcase for suppliers and useful insight to Energy Managers through the seminar programme. I always find it worthwhile.” Utilities, Waste & Sustainability Manager, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We’re enormously grateful to everyone who helps make EMEX the number one event in this market place. If you want to be more involved in 2019, please see our contact details on page 4 and join a very impressive line-up.

Our energy management community plan to spend over £1bn on energy efficiency measures next year – that’s an impressive figure and a great reason to continue sharing ideas and exhibiting the best products and services.

See you on 27–28 November 2019, at ExCeL London.

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