Why Voltage optimisation?

”Voltage optimisation is the term given to the systematic controlled reduction in the voltages received by an energy consumer to reduce energy use, power demand and reactive power demand. While some voltage ‘optimisation’ devices have a fixed voltage adjustment, others electronically regulate the voltage automatically.”

Who is affected by high voltages?

With the average incoming grid voltage now at 246v across the UK, more than 70% of domestic and commercial premises suffer with high voltage issues. High voltage used to be an issue that was mainly suffered by consumers living closest to power substations, however, with the introduction of renewables onto the grid such as solar and wind power, high voltage is now a huge problem for many resulting in higher electricity bills.

Many European appliances that are imported into the UK are rated to be used at a voltage between 220v – 230v, so when used in a domestic or commercial property seeing a much higher incoming grid voltage, many appliances fail prematurely due to over heating.

A quote taken from the electrician’s guide, 17th edition of the IEE, explains another reason why voltages remain high:”Since the original supply voltages in the UK lie within the acceptable spread of values, Supply Companies in the UK have not reduced their voltages from 240/415 V. This is hardly surprising, because such action would immediately reduce the energy used by consumers (and the income of the Companies) by more than 8%.”

With fuel costs set to rise substantially in the near future, renewable energy will be the popular choice for many. Whilst this is a positive move, the downside to this is that the extra generation onto the grid will only push voltage levels up higher.

What is the solution?

By installing a Voltage optimiser into affected homes and business premises, the voltage level can be tapped down at source to a more appropriate level, ensuring that electrical appliances can operate within their designed parameters, whilst providing cost savings of up to 20% on average.

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