Usher in the battery storage revolution with TESVOLT

As reported by the Guardian in July of this year, battery storage, according to a cabinet minister, is on the cusp of triggering an “epochal transformation” in the UK that could make energy “clean, abundant and very cheap”. The government has pledged 246 million pounds of funding for battery research.

At TESVOLT (Germany), we have already pressed ahead with research in this area and have implemented the results.

Whether you are looking to cap your peak loads, increase your level of self-consumption, generate a profit by providing grid services or become completely self-sufficient, we have the right high-performance battery storage systems for your needs.

Thanks to our Active Battery Optimizer battery management system and Samsung SDI’s high-end lithium-ion cell technology, our megawatt storage systems have a service life of around 30 years and achieve up to 8,000 charge cycles.

In our experience, your investment pays for itself within nine to ten years (and some claim that it is possible to half this payback time if you make use of their aggregation services).

This means predictable costs for ample amounts of clean, relatively cheap energy for businesses for years to come.

Be the first to usher in the epochal transformation in the UK and come and talk to us at our stand at EMEX: Hall 3, Stand E59

Christian Went