Stephen Newman

Head of Onsite Generation Technical Sales




Stephen is responsible for the development of energy solution for business customers. With 28 years of experience in the energy industry, Stephen leads his team in offering businesses expert advice and a wide range of solutions and technologies. These are designed to help businesses, both large and small to minimise their primary energy demands thereby enhancing overall bottom line performance. Stephen is passionate about engineering, technology and the appropriate marriage of solution and customer requirements to create opportunity for both E.ON and the customer. He is able to draw on a wealth of experience in the energy industry from his past roles, including working with heat pump technology, fuel cells, biomass and esoteric solutions such as gasification. As well as technical knowledge Stephen has a good grasp of the commercial requirements of these solutions so is able to articulate a solution on both a commercial and technical level. It is this combination of capabilities that helps our customers to achieve ever greater efficiency which is what makes the E.ON approach to energy different.

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