john mulholland

John Mulholland


Mulholland Energy Solutions



John has worked in energy management for over 40 years, He is a chartered chemical engineer and energy consultant and is an ESOS Lead Assessor with RPEC (Energy Institute).

He founded Mulholland Energy Solutions in 2012 and specialises in behaviour change, employee engagement, ISO 50001 and energy and carbon management and strategy. He conducted 36 ESOS energy audits in 2015 and has worked in 12 countries.

Currently he is introducing ISO 50001 to industry in Nigeria working with German consultants. He has also been involved with Ibstock Brick on ISO 50001 for the last three years. In 2016 he teamed up with Dr Phillipa Coan, a Chartered Psychologist (co-speaker) to offer a unique service on behaviour change.

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