Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw

Energy Manager and Head of Technical (Energy) Development



Ian is an accomplished Energy Manager and Building Services Engineer with considerable experience in the design, management and supervision of renewable & low carbon technologies, energy reduction measures and Electrical and Mechanical Building Services. He currently supports blue chip clients in the identification of savings through detailed energy surveys, audits (TM22, TM44 & DEC/AR, BS16274) and consumption analysis (HH and AMR data and utility invoices) from building fabric, HVAC services and BEMS optimisation, as appropriate for the type of building and operation. Production of specifications, tender action and contracting for the installation of BEMS upgrades/installations.

Prior to joining CBRE, Ian was Head of Energy Management at the London Fire Brigade for 6 years and was involved in all aspects of service delivery on the demand, supply and compliance management. Other previous roles were served in two central government departments, the MOD and Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a Building Services Engineer.

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