Dr Terence Lewis MSc. BSc

Head of Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Southend on Sea Borough Council



High performing Executive, Sustainability and Energy Management Consultant, a strategist with proven expertise and a successful track record of delivering optimal results that often exceed expectations. Confidently achieves 50% to 65% in energy savings with apportioned carbon and other polluting emission abatement. Understanding of how the data from organisational process and infrastructure forms a foundation for the benchmark and development of a sustainable, compliant and auditable, strategic “Green agenda”. Resulting in significant emission reductions, cost savings, productivity growth and revenue gain.
Specialist advice within sustainability and climate change (S&CC) including policy, adaptation, international development, green growth along with the wider sustainability agenda, compliance reporting, ISO standards, Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, (ESOS) Carbon Reduction Commitment, (CRC) corporate responsibility advice, due diligence, and responsible supply chain management

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