Bill Gysin

Managing Director

Elcomponent Ltd



Bill trained as  Materials Engineer, but has been learning about submetering and automatic meter reading (AMR) as well as the world of portable energy dataloggers for over 30 years.  Meter technology and data acquisition technology has changed somewhat in that time, but the basics have not.  He believes now, as he did when he stated in the business in 1986 that meters without AMR gather dust, whereas meters with AMR gather data.  The trick is to ensure that those data are both accurate and useful. Bill was well placed as a founder member of ESTA’s aM&T Group which brought AMR and M&T (Monitoring and Targeting) together in the noughties.  A regular speaker on the subject he retains a level of ‘hands on’ involvement and is still a regular visitor to switchrooms and plant rooms up and down the country.

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