Bill Clarke

Sales Director

SES Business Water



Bill Clarke is Sales Director of SES Business Water, a Licensed Water Retailer covering England, Scotland and Wales.

With over five years’ experience in the business water industry, Bill advises customers on the new opportunities presented by the Water Act and how to maximise the benefits with direct and indirect savings.

Prior to joining SES Business Water, Bill was MD of an independent water auditing company for four years, supporting large industrial and commercial organisations to reduce their water cost and consumption through better procurement and improved water management strategies.
During this time Bill helped Scottish businesses navigate the new market and specialised in helping companies with head offices in England with sites in Scotland. Customers included hotel groups, a large household name in spas, gyms and hotels and a major cinema group, delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds in annual savings.

Bill has also held roles in telecoms and the leisure industry, including responsibility for International Business for a large American business and spent time in the USA and South East Asia.

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