IT Energy – the New Frontier for Opex Reduction

Time: 15:10 - 15:40

Date: Day 1 - 22nd November 2017

Theatre: Facilities, Technology and Innovation


IT energy is often overlooked, yet frequently accounts for more than 30% of energy consumption in commercial buildings. While some new technologies and trends (eg co-lo and Cloud) will reduce in-house IT energy consumption; other technologies (eg digital signage, video conferencing and IoT) are countering this, and can lead to an unexpected increase in your energy use, costs and carbon emissions.

Energy Managers need simple and reliable tools for baselining, monitoring and reducing in-house ICT energy use, supporting their ongoing objectives of driving down Op Ex and delivering year-on-year savings.

New technologies are extending the frontiers of existing metering, and provide clear visibility of ICT energy usage and ways to reduce it.

In this presentation we will show how a prestigious retailer in the UK achieved visibility of their IT energy consumption (through the use of innovative IT energy management tools) and how this enabled their IT, Facilities and CSR teams to work together to achieve significant energy and cost reductions, and boost their environmental credentials.

As our appetite for IT grows, and new ‘energy hungry’ devices are introduced, Energy Managers need this information to see the whole picture on energy use, enabling them to contribute to the discussion around the true costs of digitisation – including energy consumption.


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