Is the ROI of Multi-Technology as Good as Desktop Analysis Suggests?

Time: 14:30 - 15:00

Date: Day 2 - 23rd November 2017

Theatre: Facilities, Technology and Innovation


Many Energy Managers and Finance Directors engage with Energy Consultants to carry out surveys to reduce energy and spend across their businesses. LCS Energy Ltd installed energy monitoring devices at a Mercedes-Benz Dealership, part of the Jardine Motor Group to perform a similar audit. Following analysis of energy usage, a desktop analysis of suitable technology and change programs were introduced to reduce consumption on sites including ROI calculations. However, operation obstacles and business objectives are not always considered.

In this presentation, James Martin looks at the operational impact a business has with energy reduction and provides a real-life example of why the desktop ROI analysis alone may not provide the answers you are looking for. With the final project leading to an additional investment of over £500k of Energy Management Technologies by the client, James Martin of LCS will be joined at the end of the presentation by the customer, the Jardine Group Property Director, who will be fielding questions from the floor.

An insightful presentation for anyone responsible for managing energy across their business.


  • James Martin Business Development Director - LCS Energy Ltd

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