Energy Reduction as an Outcome – the financial opportunity

Time: 14:30 - 15:00

Date: Day 1 - 22nd November 2017

Theatre: Water and Energy Strategy


Research suggests that the energy storage market will experience significant growth in the coming years. Globally, annual installations of grid-connected energy storage are forecasted to increase significantly to more than 40GW by 2022.[1] Although businesses may perceive energy storage as a significant investment, innovative financing models are being devised which can make it an achievable and affordable goal as part of  a company’s long term strategy. ‘Outcome-based’ financial models base customers’ payments on the battery’s output, rather than outright purchase for the battery itself.

During the session, Ian will use practical examples of the use of tailored financial models that offer customers’ access to world-class technology without committing capital up front, enabling to significantly manage and reduce their energy costs.


[1] Raconteur, ‘Batteries are included in this energy game-changer’, 14 June 2016


  • Ian Tyrer Head Of Sales, Energy Finance - Siemens Financial Services (SFS)

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