Seeking Clarity and Opportunities for Energy Users

This is a sample from 2016, 2017 seminars will be updated later in the year.

Energy Management as a Profession

Behaviour Change | Career & Training | Recruitment | Best Practise | Awards

The theatre is looking at topics from career development and skills shortages to improving environmental performance through employee behaviour change. You will leave the event better able to understand how to shift energy efficiency in your organisation from one-off projects to a strategy that is embedded in staff culture. Don't miss The EMA awards (16th) and The Public Sector Energy Awards (17th) that will reward those who are deemed by their peers to be outstanding and celebrate their achievements.
Speakers include:

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John MulhollandDirector, Mulholland Energy Solutions
Dominic PybusEnergy and Utilities Advisor, House of Commons
Wendi Wheeler MEIEnergy & Carbon Strategy Manager, Network Rail
Gavin BatesFacilities Manager, Robert Bosch Ltd

Utilities & Energy Services

Procurement / Negotiation | Water Efficiency & De-regulation | Contracting

Find out how best to outsource energy management solutions for your organisation. From planning, delivery to measurement & benchmarking, learn from the best the UK has to offer. Discover the alternative routes of finance and contracting, many of which will cost your organisation nothing upfront and will not affect your cap-ex budget. On 16th, this theatre will focus on Water De-regulation: the Next Big Marketplace. Speakers include:

Technology and Innovation

Futurescope | Green Tech | Renewables | Data Centre | Case Studies

This theatre explores the challenges thrown up by modern business practices and presents a vast array of solutions. It also showcases new tools, and innovative technologies available in other fields and explains their relevance to the energy professionals.

Speakers include:

Meeting Energy Demand

Dynamic Response | Storage | Simplified Taxes / Incentives

This theatre explores the challenges of balancing energy demand with supply while reducing costs and meeting carbon emessions targets. Grid modernisation is required to meet energy supply while disruptive technologies are empowering users to monitor and manage demand.  Speakers include: