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As recent winners at the TELCA’s, STC Energy received the Energy Management Champion of the Year award 2016. We entered this award based on our profile data service which monitors consumption from your electricity, gas and water AMR meters and data loggers by collecting valuable consumption information. Our profile data software examines the consumption closely to identify any exceptions and general wastage. This data can also be used for invoice reconciliations and tenant billing. In addition to profile consumption data, we can also manage AMR register readings from sub-meters.

Our dedicated and experienced team collects and validates the data for analysis and reporting. This is usually created on a day plus one basis. Our software can also display data at a range of intervals for periods form a single day to several years. This allows for a detailed investigation of consumption trends across large volumes of data.

Quality is key. If data is found to be missing or irregular, our team will directly investigate with the suppliers and data collectors.

Highlighting Wastage

STC’s Profile alerts are an intuitive way to combat energy waste and other exceptional consumptions. By setting your sites consumption targets, our software can form a picture of each sites usage. These sites can then be automatically monitored for exceptions.

Any deviations found will trigger an email alert which can be viewed on a map-based site exception dashboard. The report will automatically highlight which sites are over target, allowing for fast corrective action.
Profile alerts are very successful in identifying energy waste directly and in suggesting behavioural changes that can be implemented to reduce wastage. Although profile alerts work for both small and large multi-sites, they are particularly useful where regular monitoring of supplies is required.

Due to the independent nature of our systems, data from various different providers can be monitored. This ensures that if our client changes supplier, consistent records are maintained.

Profile Alerts in a Nutshell

Are you wasting energy? Energy usage targets set within our profile alert system will help to ensure that energy is not wasted, especially during periods where no energy needs to be used or during peak times. The alerts are triggered when the energy usage goes over your set target. This is monitored by a dedicated team who will then inform the client of this change. Recommendations are also made if the consumption of energy used goes …. So what’s the long term affect? Whilst it creates great cost savings, profile alerts also help contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, especially during quite periods.

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