Optimising Costs Through Sustainable Operations

Cost-reductionTraditionally companies aiming to cut operational expenditure have targeted areas such as labour costs or have reduced production output in a bid to make savings.

However cutting labour costs aggressively can undermine vital capability, while constantly trimming production can hinder a company’s ability to meet demand.

One area of operational expenditure that has been largely overlooked, but which has substantial potential to deliver savings, is the cost and use of indirect materials and resources, such as water, energy, maintenance and hidden value in assets.

Beyond price, there are further financial considerations associated with buying and using these key resources. Energy efficiency is already a well-established part of the corporate and social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability agenda. Businesses committed to safeguarding their reputation for corporate responsibility – and the commercial value attached to that – have no option but to meet the challenge of developing sustainable operations.

Day 2 - 22nd November

Day 2 - 23rd November

12:30 - 13:00

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12:30 - 13:10

Lessons from Universities on Energy Management

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  • Rachel Ward Sustainability Manager - London Metropolitan University


  • Tristan Wolfe Energy Manager - University of Aberdeen
  • Ian Lane Head of Sustainability - University of the Arts London



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