Optergy Smart Energy Monitoring and Control

All Inclusive Economical Solution for Smart Monitoring and Control

Optergy released Proton, a smart monitoring and control system in 2017, along side Optergy Enterprise which has been used to monitor and control buildings for more than 10 years.  More recently Optergy has responded to an increasing need for an economical solution for building and energy management in small to medium size buildings. Due to the required investment of enterprise solutions, many of these buildings were not realising the benefits that come with a highly functional, smart building and energy management system.

Introducing Proton Smart Monitoring & Control

Proton has preloaded applications that include functions for building management, energy management and facility management. Proton applications can help building owners see and manage outgoing expenses resulting from energy use and maintenance costs. For contractors Proton offers an economical,  time saving, and easy to deploy system that can help them win more work.

Proton Apps include Visualisation, Energy reports, and Tenant Billing

Optergy have eliminated the gap between controls and energy management, bringing what should be together, together. Users can make live adjustments to their building operation and get immediate feedback. The ability to create real aM&T alarming and intelligent controls. Visualise in real time and receive continuous feedback on how the building is operating and track it live against energy use.

Proton connects your building management and energy monitoring together

Optergy has a many applications and features. Find the top list of them below.

Key Features:

  • Open system (all tools built in) with no ongoing fees
  • Open protocols ModBus IP and RTU and BACnet via IP and MSTP
  • Connect to legacy building management system using BACnet
  • aM&T (dashboards, reports, alerts)
  • Tenant billing (After hours override, utility billing)
  • Mobile App (Android and IOS)
  • Comprehensive eLearning (free)
  • Web Based Display Tool. Create all your graphics though the web interface, no need for thick client software or plug-ins.
  • Web Based Programming Tool. Create DDC programming using a common browser
  • Proton hosts the user interface and database (stores all your data on a 120GB SSD)
  • Secure remote connectivity using SSL and VPN
  • Kiosk Mode. Connect a monitor, USB keyboard and mouse to use as a front end supervisor

Discover Optergy Proton at STAND A27

For an overview of Proton http://optergy.com/proton/

For an overview of Optergy Enterprise http://optergy.com/optergy-enterprise/

 Optergy is a technology business that solves real world building management problems using innovative technology to create a more productive and healthier environment for people. Our building and energy management products offers exceptional features for its resellers and first class user experience.

Optergy web site                                        http://www.optergy.com/

Optergy Corporate overview                   https://vimeo.com/152513176