Maximus Green – Welcome to a simple yet sustainable green energy solution

Maximus Green helps you achieve your profit and green energy solution targets with a significant and sustainable reduction in gas and oil consumption and related heating costs. Maximus Green provide a simple yet sustainable green energy solution

Magnetic Fuel Conditioning Maximus Green eeMGee

High fuel costs, increased demands on systems and focus on carbon targets means immediate action is required. The eeMGee system improves the fuel in the pipes before it reaches your boilers and CHPs to give you efficient combustion, generating the same kW output with less fuel.

Our system affects the fuel as it flows along the fuel line and passes through our powerful magnetic field. The hydrocarbon molecules in the fuel become positively charged and repel each other. This breaks the hydrocarbon clusters wide open, allowing oxygen molecules greater access to them for improved combustion.

This means:

  • A rise in flame temperature of up to 120°
  • The water in a boiler reaches the target temperature sooner, reducing lead time
  • Less fuel is burnt reaching the target temperature thus reducing cost and carbon spend
  • The burners burning time is reduced, which lowers maintenance costs
  • There are fewer emissions for the same volume of fuel consumed

savings maximus green

Is your organisation taking action to improve your use of resources so you reap the benefits of cost savings and carbon reduction? eeMGee will:

  • Achieve significant and sustainable reduction in gas and oil consumption and related heating costs
  • Reinforce the value of your brand by making you a leader in sustainability
  • Accomplish a reduction in energy cost which will provide a significant increase in profitability; in particular those areas where energy prices are increasing
  • Help you achieve energy management targets

eeMGee saves thousands for Hotels, Leisure facilities, NHS/Carehomes, Education and Government establishments, Industrial and Manufacturing businesses.

Council School nhs leisureFor example just by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70 million each year. Schools could reduce energy costs by around £44 million per year which would prevent 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from ever entering the atmosphere. Currently, the NHS spends over £410 million per year on fuel costs; that is over £1.1 million per day. Now imagine the impact of our 16.5% average customer saving.

Council School nhs leisure

The benefits of our product extend beyond reducing fuel consumption and costs.

The eeMGee system requires no electrical supply and your boilers do not need to be shut down to fit the system. After installation, eeMGee works immediately with zero maintenance requirements (which means no annual charge or additional fees). It will lose only 1% of its power over 100 years.

References are available upon request from these and many other highly satisfied clients.