Feilo Sylvania wins the race at Decathlon



Global lighting manufacturer Feilo Sylvania has successfully completed a project in one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers, Decathlon.

Syl-Line HSX units have been installed to provide high performance light, reflecting the top of the range sports products found within the south London store.

Challenges and Actions

As part of Decathlon’s expansion programme, Feilo Sylvania was approached by designers Swann Lighting and challenged with providing lighting equipment to the Wandsworth store in the Southside Shopping centre.

Quality of light and rapid installation is of the upmost importance in a retail space. To achieve this and the desired lighting performance, which includes optics, illumination and glare a combination of the Syl-Line HSX units and the 3.4m Syl-Line trunking was installed.

Showcasing cycling, running and outdoor equipment meant the light level on the shop floor had to be good, whilst minimising energy consumption and heat output. All lighting had to be quick and easy to install, use a trunking backbone system and have the option for integrated emergency lighting and DALI dimming.

Charlie Brooks, Managing Director of Ciexbe, comments:

Installation is ultimately driven by costs and speed and for this particular project, Feilo Sylvania was great on costs. It’s a great bulky product. When the trunking arrived, we put it up straight away and powered it up then, when the lights arrived, we added them in and within hours we had illuminated the whole store. On this project, Feilo Sylvania was perfect. Initially I was quite scared because they are a large company, however they really cared. When they told us the lights were going to be delivered to site, they were delivered within the hour – it was perfect.

Lessons & Results

– High performance lighting solution
– High quality of light
– Quick and simple installation

HSX Syl-Line is a sleek, unobtrusive design, consisting of a one-piece module which considerably increases speed of installation, whilst reducing the complexity against traditional trunking systems. The first stage of the installation requires the supply to be pulled into the end fitting.

The trunking can then be fixed to the free hung suspension and secured with a mechanical lock, with the luminaire then being presented to the trunking. The HSX Syl- line, on average, offers 50% energy savings versus traditional trunking systems.

The Wandsworth Decathlon store was a unique project and a great challenge for all involved. We are proud to have delivered a great product with fantastic energy saving benefits to help Decathlon meet the needs of this project.”
“Previous installations with the Syl-Line have been tremendously successful, and this is testament to the quality of the HSX Syl-Line units,” comments Nick Clark, International Business Director at Feilo Sylvania.


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