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Telephone: +358 40 588 1679
Address: Paananvahe 4, FI-26100 Rauma, Finland

Company Profile

Energy Management Requires Reliable and Timely Consumption Reports at Appropriate Sub-levels

Easy and Affordable AMR Everywhere

ionSign Neutron energy & utility consumption monitors provide aggregated reporting of a large number of meters. Neutron AMR brings electricity, water, gas, heat - any pulse or Modbus data - to your fingertips.

Neutron enables submetering and AMR for all locations; small, large, near, far, grid, off-grid. Depending the solution, one Neutron device provides data from 4 to 480 meters. And you may not believe how easy and affordable it is.

ionSign's Lines of Products

  • Various remote monitoring devices for IoT & Big Data applications form the backbone of our products.
  • Energy management is a special field of remote monitoring, for which ionSign has extensive experience and advanced solutions.
  • We also have control & alarm solutions for remote locations and systems.

And if you still can't find what you're looking for, we'll develop it for you!

Promotional Documents

  • Neutron Concept for Smart AMR
    ionSign Neutron products make dumb meters smart, enable AMR everywhere, also for legacy systems
  • Neutron4 Info Sheet
    Neutron4 is one of the smart field devices for Neutron AMR. A battery operated version launched at EMEX2017!
  • Enegia Case Study
    Enegia, the leading Energy Service Company in the Baltic area, extensively uses ionSign Neutron field devices to collect consumption data. A constant and reliable flow of data is a necessity for high quality services.
  • Gluon Concept for IoT Applications
    ionSign Gluon products enable you in building and deploying smart Industrial IoT solutions

Promotional Videos

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